Willett Counseling, LLC


Judy received her Master’s in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2011. She received her Bachelor’s in Economics from Vanderbilt University in 1982. Her earlier career days were in real estate and she refers to her current profession as a therapist as her “encore career.” She specializes in family counseling and parenting, utilizing trauma-focused and attachment-based approaches.


Judy is an eclectic therapist, using a variety of methods and approaches based on clients’ needs and preferences. She is trained in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and TBRI (trust-based relational intervention). She incorporates attachment-based, trauma-focused and emotionally-focused approaches with individual, family, and couples counseling.


Judy has 8 years of experience working in-home with children and their parents. Her clientele come to her during difficult periods in which the children may be having extreme behaviors and the dynamics in the home are difficult. She loves helping families function better and knows the strategies and resources that can help them do so. Her goal-oriented and strength-based approach helps families regain confidence and hope. In addition to her professional experiences, Judy has raised her own children and has volunteered as a court appointed special advocate.


Judy will work to identify underlying causes of problematic behaviors and address those from an approach that combines practical tools with meeting the emotional needs of all family members. Her goal is to reduce conflict and restore joy, trust and hope within the family. She realizes that family life can be messy and hard, but also believes there is no better place to learn how to relate to others in a way that is healthy and rewarding.